1. Do I need a Referral to see a specialist?

    No. However, to be eligible for a Medicare rebate for outpatient services and to use your private health cover, a current relevant referral is required.

  2. Will I get a rebate from Medicare?

    All visits to our rooms are classed as outpatient services and can be claimed through Medicare for a partial refund.

  3. How does Medicare safety net help with my costs?

    Your Medicare refund will be greater if your family has reached the Medicare Safety Net threshold. The safety net was introduced to ensure Australians are protected against very large medical bills. It means that once you reach your threshold, visits to your doctor and medical tests will end up costing you less.

    In order to claim this benefit, couples and families must be registered with Medicare. To register for the Medicare Safety Net, phone 132 011 or contact Medicare .

  4. What does my private health fund cover?

    For pregnancy related costs, it's important you ensure your health fund covers you for obstetric services in a private hospital at the time you are due to deliver.

    For all hospital admissions and or procedures, it is advisable for you to contact your Private insurer to confirm your coverage.

  5. Do I need private health insurance to see a specialist?

    You can see the specialist and discuss your problem with them. Should you need any surgery or admission to the hospital, a quote from our rooms will be given to you and you will also need to obtain quotes from the hospital and the anesthetists.

  6. Will I get a scan at my appointment?

    Ultrasound scans for growth and wellbeing of the baby and other gynecology ultrasounds can be done at the time of your visit. Please feel free to discuss with the doctor at the time of your appointment.

  7. When should I make my first appointment during pregnancy?

    Once you have received your referral from your GP, ring NG GyneHealth for an appointment. We encourage you to make first contact with NGGynehealth early in your pregnancy and make your first appointment for between 8 and 12 weeks' gestation. Feel free to bring along your partner or any close friend or relative likely to play a supporting role during your pregnancy.

    If your GP has already organised antenatal tests for you, please make sure you bring the results with you or ensure a copy is sent to us.

  8. What is a Non-Urgent message service?

    This is a very popular service with pregnant women that are booked at NG Gynehealh. Our midwives are available for NON-URGENT queries that you might have in between antenatal visits. The SMS service can be assessed on 0488 823 823 from Monday to Thursday between 8am-3pm (excluding public holidays). In case of urgent queries call (07) 4942 1199 during hours or (07) 4965 5266 (Mater maternity) after hours.

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