Midwives at NGGynehealth provide a service that complements the obstetricians. Having the midwives as part of the team has enabled us to provide valuable education and support for our pregnant women.

Pregnant women and their partners are seen regularly during their pregnancy, unless the lady is sharing care with her GP in a rural area.

At the initial visit, the midwife will see the pregnant couple, get a complete history, answer any concerns or questions, explain all the tests and give you all the relevant paperwork. This visit is a valuable time to meet and get to know the midwife who, with the obstetrician, will provide support during a very exciting and personal time in your lives.

The midwife is also available for help with any concerns or information needed between visits. The access to midwives in the practice is highly valued by our clients.

The introduction of a Non-Urgent Message service run by our midwives has been extremely popular with our pregnant women

Midwives at NG Gynehealth possess a wealth of experience and wisdom, which has often instilled confidence particularly in our first time mums.